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Acts, Powers and Others

October 19, 2014

By ptykamikaze

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A requirement of the client is prepared in The Directive Boards Act or Shareholders, of the anonymous societies as the same for Wide General Powers. In the concept of the Acts, this can refer to the changes of The Board Directive, raise of the capital, request for loans, opening of bank accounts and others, and the Shareholders relate to mainly on reforms or amendments to the articles of The Social Pact. On the other hand, There is also The Special Powers that are allowed for one particular purpose and that doesn’t require and registration in The Public Registration; Its only enough for its validity that are notarized on behalf of The Public Panamanian Notary and legalized by the Consul of the country where all ready said are going to be utilized.

When it only requires some generic information about the corporation, we make the searches at the Public Registry, at the same time about registered vessels, for immovable properties or other similar that are registered in this office, or the obtainment of a Certificate.

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