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October 19, 2014

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The Law Firm also offers its professional services in the following areas:

  1. Banking Law: Assistance in the constitution of Bank under the different operation licenses are allowed in the Republic, advice on the legislation affects the credits and foreign loans, as well as the mercantile development of the banking institutions.
  2. Corporate Law: In this areas it is attended and assisted in all relative to the incorporation of corporations and the preparation and inscription of every sort Minutes and the Powers of Attorney.
  3. Civil Law: Covers all those topics related with the Family and Successions, Obligations and others related.
  4. International Law: One of the basic principles that sustain the practice of this field is to provide the international client with all those legal services and assistance, which they could need in his commercial, civil activities or of another nature.
  5. Registry of Patents and Marks: our law firm not only assists in the registry of the same, but also to the litigation in this field.
  6. Foundations of private interest and Trustee: Our law firm considers of big importance the correct protection and organization of the assets of our clients in a long term, that’s why it creates juridical schemes that contemplate the creation of private foundations and trustee, real protective entities of assets.
  7. Other Services: Consultancy if offered in the accountant, financial and stock exchange matters that facilitates in a given moment, the clients decisions, and is possible due to the group of professionals who collaborate with the law firm.

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