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Ship Registration in the Republic of Panama

November 29, 2016

By ptykamikaze

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An important aspect in our professional practice and services provided to our customers worldwide is the maritime, that is to say, the Register of Ships in our Panamanian Merchant Marine, which is the largest merchant fleet in the world. This is due to many factors, such as: Open registration system, favorable legislation in all aspects, the existence of the Panama Canal, and finally in general terms to the multiplicity of advantages that this registry offers.

Our Firm is in a position to offer you the legal services of Ships Flag, and its consequent fulfillment of naval documents in favor of shipowners and ship, maritime records, registration of naval mortgages, property titles, charter contracts, registration Of ships under special laws or for a certain period of time. All of which can be done with the advanced technology, since we flag and process everything related to the ships in the first instance through the Internet, and even with the support or collaboration of the Panamanian Consuls worldwide or directly from the Customers or shipowners.

Finally, a whole range of maritime services that include legal assistance to the Maritime Tribunals of the Republic of Panama, who acquire competition on the ships that enter Panamanian waters, mainly through our Channel, and within which Serve maritime processes of all kinds, demands, seizure, constraints, special requests, and others.

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