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Societies constituted according specific instructions of the client

October 19, 2014

By ptykamikaze

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This are constituted following precise instructions of our clients, so the same have a determined name (In which has to be investigated by the Public Registry to confirm its availability); specific objectives(That is to say, maritime, of export, import, all commerce, oil companies and every other objective, always and when there legit ). Likewise, carry a distinct capital that can fluctuate from US$1,000.00 to a maximum of millions, with carriers stock or nominatives and divided according the convenience of the client. They also can stipulate the capital in stocks with or without and nominal value. A requirement of the client we can include in special clauses such as bestow special powers to a member in the Directive Board or to various or some person in special that the client requires to manage his issues in the society in a broad form, for which case he would be granted a General Wide Power. Also they can stipulate with the Social Pact all type of restrictions and powers, always and when they are permitted by the Panamanian laws and laws in general in Panama.

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